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June 23, 2021

5 New Zoom Features to Level-Up Your Meetings in 2021

Monica Fidele

Monica Fidele

Are you behind on the latest Zoom features? Investing in the latest Zoom features can position you and your business for rapid and sustained success. Today, businesses have adopted a remote-first approach to work. As a result, Zoom usage has increased tenfold.

So, which Zoom features are worth investing in? As an industry-leading audio/video transcription tool for product teams, customer success teams, marketing teams, and others, Grain has the insider intelligence needed to point you and your team towards Zoom’s very latest and greatest features. 

In this article, we’ll highlight Zoom’s top features. Additionally, we’ll provide a few best practices related to feature adoption and implementation. As a result, you'll have the resources needed to improve internal productivity and meeting efficiency

Top 5 New Zoom Features You Don’t Want To Miss

To get started, make sure your Zoom software is up to date. We recommend downloading Zoom’s desktop application. After downloading, double-check that the software is current. 

To update your Zoom desktop application:

- Open up the app on your computer

- Click your profile picture icon on the top right side of the screen

- Scroll down to “Check for Updates”

- Select “Update”  

Once you’re using the latest version of the Zoom desktop application, you can now explore additional features. To maximize the effectiveness of your newly updated software, be sure to utilize these new Zoom features. 

1. Virtual Backgrounds

Recently, Zoom announced a new beta feature. The PowerPoint as Virtual Background feature gives you the ability to put a PowerPoint presentation as your background. This puts your presentation in the spotlight and gives you the option of overlaying a  webcam image of yourself in the corner. 

To implement this feature on your next Zoom call:

- Start a new Zoom call

- Press “Share Screen” on the bottom middle part of your screen

- Click “Advanced” on the top middle tab of the screen

- Click “Powerpoint” as Virtual Background

- Click “Share” - and you’re done!

2. Activate Live Closed Captions

Activating advanced accessibility features improves communication and comprehension within your company. For neurodivergent employees or those with hearing impairments, accessibility tools are a required best practice. Additionally, closed captioning and audio/video transcription streamlines communication and collaboration among team members. Additionally, the use of closed captions during online meetings can help improve information retention and help compensate for poor audio quality. 

To enable the ability to use closed captions:

- Login into the browser version of Zoom

- On the left-hand side, open settings options panel click “Admin”

- Scroll down to “Account Management”

- Click “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu

- Click “In Meeting (Advanced)” 

- Toggle the “Closed Captioning” option to “on”

- Exit the “Account Settings” display and you will now see a “Closed Caption” option on your call dashboard

 Additionally, we recommend investing in third-party audio/video transcription add-ons to maximize the effectiveness of Zoom’s accessibility features.

Grain offers an advanced audio/video transcription tool. In seconds you can easily record, transcribe, highlight, and share meeting notes. Moreover, highlighting tools allows users to capture the most important parts of the meeting and help teams stay aligned in a fraction of the normal time. Organize these highlights and create a resource library of meeting minutes, post-meeting action items, debriefs, performance reviews, and more. 

3. Suppress Background Noise

Do you deal with a barking dog or a landscaper outside disrupting your virtual meetings? For many on-site workers, the transition to working from home has proved to be more difficult than expected. Utilizing Zoom’s new in-app feature, you can adjust your audio settings to compensate for background noises in your audio feed.

To utilize the new audio adjustment settings:

- Go to your “Settings” within the Zoom Desktop app

- Click the arrow next to the “Mute” button if you’re in a call

- From “Settings” go to “Audio”

- Scroll to “Suppress background noise” and adjust the settings to your preference

4. Enhance Security Encryption Options

There is always a risk that the privacy of your Zoom meetings is compromised. When holding an in-person meeting, you can simply close the door when discussing confidential information. In online meetings, unauthorized users can end up gaining access and breaching your confidentiality. 

Today, end-to-end encryption security measures have become standard in Zoom. With Zoom’s new encryption measures, you can be assured that your videos and messages are kept private between you and your meeting attendees. Although Zoom has improved its security measures, it’s also important for your company to implement cybersecurity best practices.

To help prevent unauthorized access to your Zoom meetings:

- Only share your personal meeting ID with trusted contacts

- Avoid using your personal meeting ID for large meetings

- Avoid changing the standard security settings that set every meeting to “private”

- If you need to hold public meetings, enable a password requirement for entry

- Use cybersecurity best practices, including the installation of antivirus software

5. Create Zoom Highlights & Time Stamps 

Whether you are repurposing content for social media, creating live training videos for your staff, or just sharing a meeting recap, you can accomplish all of your content-sharing goals within our free software.

Creating valuable and shareable content from your online meetings is made easy with Grain. After your meeting, use Grain to capture notes, timestamp important moments, and share with employees or clients. Additionally, Grain saves your recorded audio-video transcriptions in the cloud. From there, recorded transcriptions can be organized by topic and tagged – it’s that easy!

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Utilizing the latest Zoom features provides many benefits. Third-party Zoom compatible tools help improve productivity, accessibility, and streamline communication. To start leveling-up your Zoom experience, we recommend starting with Grain. 

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