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June 17, 2021

How to Transcribe Your Zoom meetings (for Free)?

Monica Fidele

Monica Fidele

It’s 2021, and almost every important meeting and discussion now happens on Zoom. Yet spoken knowledge is ephemeral by nature, and usually when the meeting is done we move on to the next meeting or work task. Most of the knowledge shared in that meeting is lost into the ether. 

Smart teams are realizing the importance of using tools to get usable transcriptions and video highlights from these meetings. Meeting Transcriptions can also make the conversation much more accessible for people from a variety of backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles. 

Previously, Zoom users would have to record a meeting, send it to a transcription service, pay for them to transcribe it, and then wait until they got back. Well, not anymore. 

Grain enables you to record, transcribe, annotate, and share the most important moments from your virtual meetings as easy-to-consume video highlights. 

We’ve talked about the best zoom transcriptions services in our blog before. In this post, our intention is to show how you can create transcripts for your Zoom meetings in three simple steps

How to Transcribe Your Zoom Meetings?

Step 1 — Create a Grain account.

Step 2 — Upload Your Zoom Recording.

Step 3 — Edit and Download Your Transcript.

Step 1: Create a Grain account

Go to and sign up for free using your Zoom account. Once you’re in, you can create a workspace and invite your team members to join (optional). Grain workspace will save your recordings along with transcripts for you to use whenever you need them.

Create Grain Workspace

Step 2: Upload Your Recording

It’s time to get your zoom meeting transcribed. You’ll see the “Add Recording” button at the top right corner of your workspace. Click on it and then select “Upload a Recording File”. 

Upload Zoom Recording

Then, you’ll be able to upload your recording from the local drive or cloud recording service.

Step 3: Get Your Meeting Transcripts

In a couple of minutes, your transcript will be ready for you to edit and download. 

Zoom Transcripts

- How to edit your transcript?

Click on the edit icon you see just below the video player and then you’ll have an option to select and edit individual words in the transcript. 

Edit Zoom Transcripts

- How to download your transcript?

You can use the more option right next to the “Share” button to download your transcript.

Download Zoom Meeting Transcripts

You can log in to your Grain workspace anytime you would like to watch your recordings and get the transcripts. 

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How to Automatically Transcribe Your Zoom Meetings? 

If you are in need of transcribing Zoom meetings multiple times a week, then you can automate the whole process. Download our desktop app “Grain Live” (available for both Mac and Windows) and sign in with Zoom. Now whenever you create a meeting, Grain app will pop up to ask your permission to record your meetings. Just press “Start Recording”. 

Grain Desktop App

As soon as the meeting is over, Grain will automatically upload your recording and transcribe it. You can visit and click on any of your recordings to see its transcript available for you to edit and download.

Pro tip: Use a Collaborative Notepad and Create Highlights.

With the Grain Live app, you’ll have access to a collaborative notepad that you can use to take notes and create highlights of the most important moments — while you are in a meeting.

Connect Zapier + Grain

Try out our ready-made and tested Zapier templates using Grain. Click the “Use this Zap” to get started.

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